Sunday, May 26, 2013

We're Still Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Easter morning 2013.  The triplets had a wonderful Easter and knew they had candy waiting on them.  Big mistake by Evonne and I.  :-( 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The triplets celebrated their third year of existence on July 22nd.  We had a grand old time and enjoyed the venue where the party was held, Party Plan It in Hueytown (shameless plug).  We had friends and family there to help celebrate Madeline, Matthew and Jackson's birthday.  

Monday, June 6, 2011

Did you miss us?

Yes, it has been almost 1 1/2 years since we've posted anything on the blog page.  Evonne and I apologize for not keeping this page updated.  We're working on a way to keep everyone informed on how the triplets are doing.
Well, it has been a lot of sinus infections, ear infections and stuffy noses since we last talked.  The triplets are doing well.  Madeline is acting as crew-chief/micro manager towards the boys.  She dictates to them as to where they need to be, sit and who's getting a whooping.  She's is truly a handful.  Matthew's vocabulary is a little more advanced than the other two.  He can recognize, comprehend and repeat anything when he's spoken to.  For example, when I arrive home, the kids like to come into our bedroom and jump on our bed.  I told Matthew that I should go and jump on his bed, he shot back quickly, "Daddy you won't fit in my bed." LOL! God bless him.  And that leaves Jackson, the spider monkey of the three.  If he can see it, he will climb it.  As of today, he and Matthew are climbing in and out of their cribs, to our suprise. These babies are such a handful..........of blessings.  ;-)

I'll update the blog as time permits.  Thanks for listening.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Almost 17 months old and Xmas is coming

So much to do and not much time for blogging these days.

Matthew: He's still a cuddly baby but with an aggressive streak, thanks to his sister, Madeline. He enjoys music and has developed his own bouncing/swisting dance. He will dance on a box, a table or wherever the music strikes. He loves to mock his Dad whistling. He toots his lips but makes more of a howling noise. Absolutly hillarious. He speaks randomly but is developing his motor skills and verbal skilll appropriately. He's more vertically challenged than the other two. He has a great smile and bubbly laugh. His favorite toy is a blue teddy bear given to him by my friend Lisa. We recently played cooking and he took to it right away. 

Jackson: Gives big hugs and loves his Grandpa Sperling! He can be a bit sneaky but usually plays well with Matthew. They chase and tickle each other as the screaming giggles follow. He doesn't have a favorite toy but loves Wow Wow Wubbzy show. He loves to hide. He will hide in a closet or laudry room. As for speaking, he is very vocal lately. He jibbers but clearly says dog, wow and daddy. He as well as the others do more gesturing than speaking.

Madeline: We refer to her as the Queen. She is now demading to everyone. She is not walking yet while the boys are running. She uses an empty case of diaper box to push as if it's a walker. She makes u-turns in the blink of an eye and keeps up with the boys. The doctor says to leave her alone and she will walk in her own time. Madeline is very perceptive and has a lot of words in her vocabulary. She debates with Jackson if an object is a cat or dog. She loves the words cat and cup. She reponds the most to Your Baby Can Read video. She screams whenever she sees Oswald on television. Her favorite toy is still "Stinky Pinky", her pink bear that looks like a cross between a rabbit and rat. She has almost killed the poor thing.

As for Marcus and I; we just perservere to make it through the day trying to be the best providers and parents to our children as we can. We are thankful for another day and the idea of being able to spend another holiday with family.

Until next time...whenever that may be:)

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Greetings and salutations from the West Family Triplets. I figured that from April to October is long enough for an update. I have decided to start filling the blog with pictures, pictures and more pictures. We'll talk soon. Bye, bye. 

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Easter!

As we prepare for the Easter holiday we are always mindful of how blessed we are. I can't say thank you enough to our parents for the sacrifices they make to help us with caring for the children. We also want to espcially thank my Aunt Marilyn for coming to our home weekly to help and entertain the children while I try to get some things done. Thank you to my Aunt Josephine for stepping in for my mother when her schedule conflicts with the time alotted for the kids. Today we were brave and took the children to have photos taken. It was an event as usual. They were running behind, the children were sleepy and became hungry. We had to give them a bottle. Afterwards everyone wanted to escape from their carseats. We made it home after a long day starting with attending church and photos immediately afterwards. A lot of work but I'm definately happy with the photos. By the way Happy Easter!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Crawling and Climbing

This week Jackson has gotten the hang of crawling, pulling up on anything and anyone. He is at his best when he is footloose and fancy free. Matthew is the King of sitting. He teters and balances like a pro. Madeline is taking her time still. She rolls wherever she wants to go. They are all enjoying their new entertainer/walker like toys.

We went to have another round of Synergis injections this week. Madeline is now weighing 16lbs 1.5ozs, Matthew 14lbs 11ozs and Jackson 15lbs 4.5ozs.

They are still struggling with issues with their gums. Madeline is getting up multiple times in the night. Jackson now only gets up if he needs help finding his pacifier. He sleeps through the night more often now. Matthew fights the process of getting to sleep but when he's out its for the night. Due to Matthew's large hernia he continues to wet the bed because his navel pushes his diaper down.

Madeline loves television and is now responding to things she find amusing. Matthew and Jackson play really well together. They love music and flash cards. I think Madeline loves the flash cards the most. There is a lot of babbling going on these days. Only a few melt downs. Keeping to our schedule is key.

They will be eight months old on Sunday. I'm so happy and feel blessed with the progess they are making and the help we are receiving from my parents, in-laws, aunts and friends.